Our Beginnings - A letter from our founder

Jess Vaughn, Founder and Owner

Jess Vaughn, Founder and Owner

I care deeply about the foods I eat and the effect these products have on my overall health and well-being. (Call me a hippie, but I believe everything contributes to an interconnected universal whole.) After learning to carefully read food labels, my awareness broadened to include ingredient labels of the skin care products I used on a daily basis. I was shocked to learn that many of the ingredients in these products actually caused damage to the skin, and in some cases were linked to cancer. I couldn’t help but think, “If I’m eating natural and organic foods, but putting harmful chemicals on my body’s largest organ, doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose?”

Unsettled by this thought, I set off to find a single line of bath and body products that fit my desires to live a healthy, harmonious and balanced life. I wanted a one-stop shop I could trust. This search was maddening. At times, I would spend thirty minutes in the pharmacy scanning ingredient labels hoping to find the perfect soap or lotion. No products had a simple list of ingredients I could pronounce, and I felt certain that identifying these substances required a PhD. Even the products marketers had labeled as “natural” or “organic” were misleading. I kept coming back to my guiding principle when it comes to food: “If I can’t pronounce it, I shouldn’t eat it.” Why should the soaps and lotions I use be any different? In the end, I would walk out of the store empty-handed and frustrated by the fact that something so simple could be so hard. After running into dead end after dead end, I decided it was time to give natural soap making a hand and soon a business idea was born.

If I was running into issues finding healthy, natural skin care products, other people must be feeling the same angst. I believe people deserve to have bath products that do no evil to their body. At the same time, finding these products shouldn’t be the drug store version of Where’s Waldo? For the Good exists to improve the lives of people everywhere by offering safe, healthy and effective bath products you can feel good about using without having to put much time into the selection process.

Nothing excessive. No nonsense chemicals. Just goodness.


Jess Vaughn

Founder and Owner of For the Good Bath + Body