Our Mission

At For the Good, we believe natural body care is just one aspect of living a healthy and balanced life. Think of all the showers you will take in a lifetime. Bathing can be such a restorative and calming moment during the day. The trouble is that in today’s hectic world, we rarely take advantage of this pause. Life has become needlessly complex, artificial and filled with excess. What are the consequences of these choices? We seldom stop and consider how the products we use impact our body’s overall health and the world we live in.

We are certain that doing what’s good for your mind and body does not require sacrifice or struggle. When we take a moment to slow down, we are reminded that life has a natural rhythm. By choosing to plug into this natural speed—rather than struggling against it—we can find peace of mind.

Our aim is to bring intention, health and nourishment back into our overall lives.

This is For the Good. We hope you’ll join us for a bath some time soon.