Felted Soaps


Love our natural bar soaps, but still craving the satisfying exfoliation of your loofah? Have the best of both worlds with our felted soaps! 

Made from the same organic vegetable and essential oil base as our standard bars, these soaps are encased in organic, plant-dyed wool roving to create a satisfyingly exfoliating bar. To use, simply wet the bar, wash as usual and leave in a relatively dry corner of the bathroom to air out. Thanks to wool's natural antibacterial properties, the felt is resistant to both mold and odor.

Available scents: Lavender and rose hip powder, lavender, double mint, and lemon ginger. Please indicate your scent choice in the "Notes" section at checkout.

Size: 2 oz.

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Additional Info

About Our Soaps

Our cold process soaps are handcrafted in small batches from an organic vegetable oil base. We use real, primarily organic essential oil and botanical ingredients for scent, color and exfoliants. 

Special Care Instructions for Natural Soaps

A natural bar of soap left unattended at the bottom of the tub (or in a watery soap dish) will dissolve quite quickly. The key is to store these soaps in a dry area when not in use.

Since our natural soaps are preservative free, we suggest using our soaps within six months of purchase. While they’ll still be just as effective at cleaning after the half-year mark they will probably lose some of their scent after this point.