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Sweet Orange and Calendula Flower Bath Soak


Our Sweet Orange and Calendula Flower Bath Soak is made with Alaea Hawaiian sea salt, Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt. For scent we use organic sweet orange essential oil and organic calendula flowers.

Size:  4 oz.


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Additional Info

About Our Bath Salts

Aside from being a relaxing experience, taking the time to rest in warm water with bath salts helps to draw toxins out of the body while providing the skin with nutrients and minerals. Our bath salts are sourced from around the world, each with their own skin soothing properties. We’ve also added organic essential oils and botanicals to the blends. Simply add the desired amount of bath salts just before getting into the tub. 


Special Care Instructions for Natural Bath Salts

Our bath salts contain no preservatives or anti-clumping agents. Keep your salts in a dry location when not in use. Shake the container should any clumping occur. The essential oils in our bath salt blends begin to vaporize right away, so add your salts just before entering the tub.